Leadership Learning Series

Realize your Leadership Potential through Self Discovery

A leadership journey focusing on oneself and team dynamics


This four-part leadership program builds individuals capacities through skill-building exercises and group dialogue to increase one's ability to serve and lead in organizations – and across their community.

Participants gain insight into practices based on the principles of servant leadership, dialogue, self-awareness, and strengths – along with skills needed for building teams & community.


Who should attend:

  • Anyone – at any level – in small business, corporate, non-profit, educational or governmental realms
  • Individuals looking to reflect and grow in their personal leadership journey
  • Those looking to encourage stronger collaboration and a healthy workplace culture
  • Leaders invested in building a better, stronger and more caring community 



Servant Leadership
Gain insight and learn practices of serving (self, others & community) as a way of leading.

Strengths-based Leadership
Learn about your own strengths and how strengths help build trust, compassion, stability,and hope with others.
Projects: StrengthsFinder Assessment, Individual & Group Reflection Exercises

Collective Leadership
Learn ways to engage others in creative and possibility-oriented thinking.

Caring Community
Develop personal and group practices that are foundational to building caring communities



Pricing is based on the number of employees per organization:
Includes 4 classes during the session/series, books and other learning materials.

  • 0-25 employees – $300
  • 26-75 employees – $450
  • 75+ employees – $600

Multiple person discounts and scholarships available. Contact us for more information on discounts & scholarships available.



Christa Williams, Executive Director of Sophia Foundation
Christa has more than 25 years of executive leadership experience in corporate, non-profit and educational organizations. Her work with the Sophia Foundation has led her to be an educator where she is creating and facilitating leadership development and community learning programs that “engage and ignite potential.

"I believe that each person has gifts and strengths to serve the world. When leaders empower others to use those gifts and strengths, it unleashes potential in others, leads to collaborative work environments and fosters a servant’s heart."


Sophia's intent:

To activate caring leaders to serve and lead...

"...do those serve as persons; do they while being served, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to become servants? And, what is the effect on the least priviledged in society; will he/she benefit or, will he/she, not be further deprived?"

Robert Greenleaf


The Sophia Leadership Learning Circle is based on this Robert Greenleaf's quote and best test. Using this quote as the foundation for learning, additional resources and information are used to support the learning practices helpful in developing caring leadership as individuals, as organizations and in community.


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Hometown Bank
80 Sheboygan Street, Fond du Lac



What past participants say:

"I was empowered to apply specific leadership concepts that has changed the way I ask questions, challenge assumptions, and generally lead and serve others. My belief is that when I change my own leadership it will also bring about the change we want to see in our community."

- Michael Schumacher


"The conversations absolutely energize and inspire. The experience encouraged me to reflect & learn more personally and professionally so that I can be a better & stronger friend, team player, community advocate, and leader. That journey and spark is absolutely priceless." 

- Jenny Knuth