Principles and Values

The Sophia Foundation is committed to the operating principles of:

  • Servant Leadership: comes out of a calling to serve the other’s highest priority needs first.
  • Compassionate Listening:  helps us move through our layers of defensiveness to share and connect to our core truths.
  • Dialogue: uses individual differences to enhance collective wisdom through inquiry that surfaces unconscious ideas, perceptions, and understandings.
  • Systems Thinking:  a way of thinking about, and a language for describing and understanding, the forces and interrelationships that shape the behavior of systems. This discipline helps us see how to change systems more effectively, and to act more in tune with the larger processes of the natural and economic world.

The Sophia Foundation is guided by the values of:

  • Transformation - Creative, systemic change that enhances the humanity of local and global communities
  • Spirituality - Discovering the deeper meaning and possibilities of human action and interaction for positive change
  • Wholeness - Experiencing all facets of ourselves, as human beings, in relationship with one another.
  • Community Building - Commitment to support positive relationships that enhance the quality of life for all
  • Compassion - Authentic communication that results in a deeper place of connection, caring and understanding
  • Stewardship - The careful management of resources including financial, staff and environment